Memorial Day and gratitude

Thinking of our soldiers who gave their lives to serve their country and grateful for their acts.

Pioneer Woman has an amazing series of photos on her Photography section today, all on the theme of "Coming Home". I encourage you to go look and pray for our service families.

Still counting to 1000:

0592 cool sofa cushions behind my back
0593 fine yellow dust covering EVERYTHING
0594 cool air through windows
0595 time without kids for a few days
0596 kids getting uninterrupted fun time with grandparents!
0597 grandparents who want to be with their grandchildren!
0598 repenting
0599 apology to friends
0600 friends to laugh with (with whom to laugh?)
0601 walking with my Johnny
0602 sunny square on golden hardwood floor
0603 sitting down with coffee, good pen, Bible and journal
0604 seeing young people get married
0605 I like a Sunday wedding!
0606 anticipation of getting kids back today; I wonder who is more exhausted, the children or the grandparents?

0607 unpressured morning and the quiet outside
0608 good time after church talking with a friend
0609 sunlight illuminating yellow glass vase -- brilliant!
0610 laughing at our own foolishness
0611 time to talk to friends you never get to talk to
0612 college friend - first beautiful baby for her and sweet husband!

0613 going to see TWO college friends today!

0614 grandparents and their awesome RV!!
0615 Theo's team finally winning a game! Yay!
0616 exercising til I'm really worn out
0617 Walter making lots of great catches in the outfield
0618 just like baby's first skin peels off, God peels back the layers til we are our real selves in Him

holy experience


  1. Delightful to meet you and share in your thankfulness today. Simply beautiful, simply today.

    Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you.

    New to the gratitude community,


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