The List #495-519

Beginning the work week with counting our blessing has been a good discipline for me. Mondays can make me feel depressed, susceptible to moods or shifts of circumstances. With John away this week, I have steeled myself to be up extra early, to be extra diligent with the chores, to know that it all depends on me.

But it doesn't all depend on me, does it? I'm part of it. I DO have to get up early. I DO have to do the actual work. But I don't have to take the burden of it. I can give it to my Friend because He really cares. I know, that sounds like ultra cheese, but I'm learning that it's true.

"In repentance and rest is your salvation" Isaiah something:something.

0495 the boil water order (major water pipe burst on the way to Boston; dozens of towns are under a boil water order)

0496 that we have water coming out of our faucets

0497 friends to hang out with after baseball

0498 the mercy of God in things big and little

0499 sun bursting through clouds

0500 a do-it-myself pedicure. Thanks for showing me how, Liz Snyder! My friend Stephanie calls it a "recession-era pedicure"

0501 our basement may be gross, but it's cool on a sweaty day

0502 the repentance and tears of a son

0503 the privilege of ministering the gospel to the same son

0504 sore muscles

0505 rusty bikes

0506 free work-outs from On Demand cable (thus the aforementioned sore muscles)

0507 balmy weather -- feels like summer!

0508 piles and piles and piles of unfolded laundry

0509 painting a birthday banner for Papa D (John's dad) with the children.

0510 Diet Coke with lime

0511 yellow - like lemons

0512 Swiffers

0513 my dirty dirty dirty floor

0514 being the first to see the newly purchased engagement ring a friend bought for his girl (who is also a friend)

0515 knowing a happy secret (not a secret any longer - M and J!!)

0516 neighborhood children hanging around outside on play structure

0517 open backyards where the children flow from one yard to the next; I can see four yards from my kitchen

0518 babies born to two friends over the weekend

0519 baseball season

holy experience




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