Fragulty Meetings

Thursday afternoons I attend a two-hour faculty meeting. Because she is my sidekick, Lucy comes with me (also because I'm only a part-time teacher and while I really want to participate in the meetings, I don't want to pay for a babysitter).

She is so amazing in these meetings. She sits at the table with all of us and eats her lunch, quietly draws, looks at books or plays with her toys. Inevitably I have to step out to take her to the bathroom (it's like clockwork!). But overall she is amazingly compliant, content and patient. Everyone loves having her there because she is just such a joy.
Note: I NEVER would have attempted this with the boys. I think that sitting quietly for so long would have done them in.

Yesterday she did confess to me: "I hate those fragulty meetings! They are so boring!"

Well, guess what, today she had to attend one (again; just a few left for the year!). Cheetos helped her get through cheerfully. But also today Mr. Levy (husband to another faculty member and our professional development trainer) stepped out with her while we were working and looked at books with her. He also played a "Hot/Cold" kind of game with her. We could hear their joyful giggling from across the hall and it made us all smile.

I'm so glad to work in a place that welcomes my family.


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