First of May

It's a lovely morning this morning! The sun is streaming in our kitchen windows and I'm about to take one son to his Little League game.

For me, it's a mite early for a sporting event. I prefer lazy Saturdays where I stay in my pajamas til later...MUCH later. Plus, how are my children going to get their allotment of corny Saturday morning TV if we have to go to a ballgame?!

I was up at the crack of dawn today to take John to the train so he could get to the airport. He's leaving on a jet plane and I feel a bit discombobulated by it. I'll be on my own for a WEEK. Excuse me while I put on my big girl panties...

ANYWAYS, I have a bloggy goal which is to post something EVERYDAY in May. Seems a bit extreme, seeing as I only posted seven times in April. And I'll be away on the Women's Retreat in mid-May. However, I plan to do my best to check in more often and to practice writing more.

And now, I will leave you with a photo and a video. I believe they speak for themselves.


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