End of weekend.

photo by Clayton; the pond near one of the many baseball fields we tend to frequent in the spring

So it's the end of the weekend. And what a weekend it was! Two days in Maine and two days on the women's retreat.
Looking back and looking ahead, I want to pour back to God all the blessings He delivers.

Continuing the list of gratitude:

0536 end of year activities at schools
0537 Walter home from his class trip!
0538 Maine: the coast, summer towns, walking on the beach, dunes, candy shops and cattail marshes
0539 a free place to stay overnight
0540 cool spring air and open windows
0541 road trip! even if only a few hours away
0542 another road trip with another friend (a few hours away)
0543 coming HOME!!! I love home
0544 hugging my children tight
0545 snuggling up with my love
0546 beautiful, amazing weather for the weekend
0547 hearing testimonies of God's work in our lives
0548 looking forward to a new week (it's all grace!!)
0549 buttercups
0550 wild strawberry plants in bloom; fruit in June
0551 smell of sun on pine straw
0552 rocks warmed by sun
0553 finally writing my Dominican Republic reflection for school (will share this week)
0554 sound of many birds
0555 secluded meadow
0556 time to be ALL ALONE in that secluded meadow
0557 sketching
0558 carrots
0559 Lucy's new bedspread (this is Lucy)
0560 paella!
0561 Papa (this is Lucy again)
0562 Papa (I asked her "what else?" and she said "Papa" again. yay for daddies!)
0563 Jody Brenner (hi Jody!)
0564 inspiring school, principal, teachers and kids: King Middle School, Portland, ME
0565 recalcitrant student writing down 6 things she's thankful for (I only asked for 5!) in Spanish and that turning her attitude around!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!
Stop by A Holy Experience to read some phenomenal writing and peek in on the gratitude lists of others. Come on, you know you want to!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog - loving sharing your blessings too x x x x

  2. Great list, as always! Alone in a field? How lovely!


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