Draw your own conclusions

Another great day in Second Honeymoon 2010.
We were running late to church and our kids weren't even with us. I guess it's really been just our fault all these years. Eye-opening.
During the confession in church, I noticed that I didn't have as many sins all up in my grill as usual. Hmmm. WHAT is the connection here? My kids are away...not as many sins in my face...hmmmmm.
Then had a great time with a good friend. Talked about her upcoming marriage, her life, etc. Prayed for her. What a privilege.
THEN two lovely and brilliant friends from church were married this afternoon. I was the "wedding coordinator". It was really a lot of fun and everything went swimmingly. Beautiful bride, doting groom, gorgeous flowers, two supportive and loving Christian families. Oh, and the bride and groom BOTH graduated from Harvard a few days ago. What a whirlwind for them and their families! A great celebration on a beautiful spring day!

On another note, I'm sorry to report that the picture below happened yesterday. I'm sorry. I really am. You will just have to draw your own conclusions about it. And when you do, please be sure to tell me what it all means.

In the words of another famous blogger, goodbye forever.
PS I'm not meaning to be too flippant about the confession stuff. I hope you get what I'm saying. I guess what I'm saying is that parenthood really is the turbo sanctification machine.


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