DR Recap Part 3: Work Projects

I've been meaning to catch up on February's trip to the DR (WHAT?! February?! How is that possible?!). Here are some pics from the two work days we had.

Our first work day was toward the beginning of the trip. Under the guidance of helpers from Doulos Discovery School, we spent the day at a public school building shelves for their library.

Here is Mozo rockin' Mrs. L's sunglasses as eye protection.

Cielita has to be reminded to apply pressure when sanding. That is what actually gets the job done.

It's important for all ninjas to have a method of dodging bullets (Mrs. L calls her 7th and 8th graders ninjas). Anyway, here are the kids all showing off their bullet dodging maneuvers. I have a method I myself use to dodge bullets, but there is no photographic record of such.

The second work day was toward the end of the trip and we helped to build benches for the Doulos Discovery School to add to their little atrium. Lots of sanding and staining were involved. Those kids needed A LOT of help staining, let me tell you.




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