Does this really count as a post?

I'm off for a busy weekend.
This morning a colleague and I will drive up to Maine to visit King Middle School as part of a two-day seminar on Expeditionary Learning.
It should be quite beneficial. If only I weren't SO tired and SO VERY tired. Me want sleep. My bed is calling me. I'm coming bed!!! Someday.

Friday I'll come back from Maine, greet the family for a few hours and then head to our church's women's retreat. I always love this event.
Again, if only I weren't SO tired and SO VERY tired.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some pictures recently taken with John's iphone and the Hipstamatic application. We're just so HIP.


  1. I like these pictures a lot! You guys really are SO hip. :)

  2. Have a great weekend! (What a whirlwind!!!) Will miss being with you this weekend.

    And, yes, it counts as a post. :)


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