The era of the flat-brim hip hop hat has begun in our house (brought on by Walt's trip to D.C.). Lucy started her day by trying it on for size.

The day ahead would require a little carbing up on some waffles.

...with some grade A amber New England maple syrup.

It was great to start the day having breakfast with Walter. We missed him!

Clay's game was well under way by the time I got everyone out of the house. Here he is, fresh off a single.

Best. Team. Sponsor. Ever.

Lucy picked up some paint sample cards at Home Depot.

The fridge before I cleaned it out.

...after the clean-out.

Lots of time in the van today.

The opening of a new pet store in Arlington Heights featured the biggest balloons we've ever seen.

I figured I would pay Clay's team sponsor a visit (even though I bought my steaks at Costco earlier that day).

Theo's friend Carlos came by for a play date.

Eventually, beer-thirty rolls around.

Theo and some friends went down to the Five and Dime, where he picked up this sweet candy necklace.

A great soundtrack for getting ready for some time on the grill.

Food porn.

Unsure about whether Lucy would go for the ribeyes, I made a back-up batch of Mac-n-Cheese.

I also managed to install a new toilet seat today (with cutting edge "whisper close" technology).

That's just beautiful.

My friend Christian came by, along with his dog Ringo who made fast friends with some of the neighbor kids.

More kids from the 'hood...

Miles putting his light sabre to use.


My friend Christian in sfumato silhouette.

The results.

Theo sporting the new shirt his brother got for him in D.C. He also managed to pick up smoking while Kit was gone.

A little TV time at the end of a long day.

The day went a little too long for some of us.


  1. "food porn" Now that's one that Kit's never used before....

  2. Yeah, no kidding, Heather! This is supposed to be a family friendly site!

  3. Words I never expected to read on this blog: "food porn", "sfumato" (is that a word?), "kids from the 'hood", "[Theo] also managed to pick up smoking"... and it happened all in one posts!

  4. When will "whisper close" technology be added to the List? Is because you can't hear it anymore that you have forgotten??


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