Afternoon light

One day last week was stormy and dark. It rained almost all day, off and on. Baseball was cancelled and we all hunkered down in our dark house after school, each busy with his or her own activity.

Around 7 pm the sun was going down. Because of the rain, we wouldn't have known it but for a sudden and spectacular break in the clouds.

In an instant the tops of the trees were brightly lit and brilliantly green. The sky behind was still ominously dark.
The sky to the west portrayed a stark line between the blackened clouds and golden sky lit by the sun.

All of us ran around the house looking out various windows and exclaiming over the wonder of it all. Our house sits high on a hill overlooking the tree tops and hills faraway so we had a great view from all sides.

I know I've said it before, but I LOVE that the morning light comes into our kitchen and the afternoon light streams through the living room and in the upstairs from the landing. This house is full of light!


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