Multitude Monday (but now it's Tuesday)

As usual on a Monday (or sometimes a Tuesday if I don't get around to posting on a Monday, heh heh), the list continues. The notebook on the kitchen table has somehow become the notebook under a pile of school papers and books...funny how that happens.
It's time to dust it off and catch up on recording all the ways we are blessed.

479 gumdrops
480 school decision for Walter done
481 new CDs that John bought just for me!
482 laughing with friends
483 book on prayer that is changing me A Praying Life by Paul Miller
484 the Lord's comfort
485 our house that we rent. As much as I dream about owning someday, I'm grateful to not be financially strapped by a house
486 the apostle Peter and his letters
487 our community group
488 blooming trees all around!
489 first year to watch the Boston Marathon -- what a thrill!
490 dogwoods -- remind me of our years in Atlanta
491 vacation week and break from routine
492 funny emails from family

493 the lilacs are coming!
494 new, yummy recipes I've been trying
495 looking forward already to next school year

holy experience


  1. Lovely list...loving the tree blossoms here on the North Shore, as well!


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