Easter Monday

Easter sunrise from my kitchen window

Christ is rise
n! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah!

A lovely weekend of waiting and celebration was had at our house.

Saturday, the boys and I took an hour at the Holy Week prayer vigil at Covenant Church. I found it a wonderful way to remember that Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a day of waiting, a day of vigil. We spent an hour in the special prayer space set up for Holy Week, listening to quiet hymns on CD, the boys painted, we read, we prayed. It was such a quiet, peaceful time and I am glad for it, a well as the time with my boys.
Then Saturday night Uncle Clay and Robin came, which is always cause for great celebration.

We had a delicious supper of chick pea and leek soup and baguettes drizzled with olive oil, topped with Parmesan cheese and roasted garlic. We watched the Final Four together and cheered for Butler, of course.

Then Sunday came!

John and the boys headed off to the sunrise service, as is their tradition, while I let the others sleep and I made preparations.

We went to church in order to praise with the congregation, and proclaim, loudly and together, "He is risen indeed!"
We came home and took some photos. John is missing because he was still at church.

We ate a wonderful Easter meal of ham, new potatoes, roasted asparagus, salad and THIS Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake. Thanks, Martha. That recipe is a keeper!

We also made guys out of play dough. Well, actually only Uncle Clay did, at Theo's request. His name is Tocci.
And now for the continuation of the list, eternal praise rising up to the Father, all creation singing that He is Lord and He reigns, in Him all things hold together, in Him is perfection and perfect peace!

0454 how soft my sheets are
0455 Walter's giggle
0456 seeing the boys playing basketball really hard
0457 sweaty boys
0458 church people, our family
0459 water, clean from the faucet
0460 my clear bubble umbrella
0461 dusty house
0462 cleaning
0463 restoring order, doing God's work
0464 getting warm in bed
0465 naps with Lucy
0466 working with committee people at church; thankful for their gifts
0467 Good Friday service, ending in awful darkness and silence
0468 prayer vigil at Covenant Church
0469 breathing deeply, from the diaphragm
0470 Easter bread! Easter demands a yeast bread, no matter how late you might have to go to bed because of it!
0471 sweeping up crumbs
0472 boys in matching Easter shirts
0472 one new thing to wear to remind us of our new life in Christ (this year I had a new bracelet)
0472 sunshine in my kitchen
0473 Clay and Robin's visit and the privilege of loving on them
0474 tiny Lucy wearing my purple high heels
0475 my husband appreciates me - so thankful!
0476 litte girl and her Daddy (she's the only one in the family who calls him that)
0477 Red Sox home opener (beating the Yankees was a bonus!)
0478 the Resurrection...Mary searching for her Lord...Him saying her name! He found her...He has found me.

holy experience


  1. I love your blog! Beautiful writing, sweet pictures, encouraging reminders of grace & gratitude. Thanks, Kit!

  2. playdough sculptures are the best!

  3. He is risen indeed! John was actually the first person to respond to my greeting of "He is risen!" Sunday morning with what (in my mind) is the appropriate response of "He is risen indeed!". Okay, so he was only the 4th person I spoke to that day since he greeted us at the sunrise service, but still! I appreciated it. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!

  4. Kit ~ I love this blog and I am so glad you have shared it with us. It was just the perfect thing for me to read on this Easter monday as my mind is already bubbling over with things to do! Such great reminders to stop and give thanks for sooooo many blessings in our lives. You are a blessing in my life for sure!

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys!
    Sarah, I just took my first peek at your blog. It's great! You should write more.
    Jenny, John said the sunrise service was great. You're right, that is the only acceptable response to "Christ is risen!"
    Weezie, you are a blessing to ME! Hope you guys had a great Easter!

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. I can relate to your little girl. Until my father died I called him daddy. Even through high school and college that never changed. Have a great week!

  7. 'Church people, our family

    Ah, we feel the same way about our church friends. They are our family in every sense of the word.

    Easter Blessings to you and your family.


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