Lucy and I were driving home in the afternoon sun few days ago, coming from delivering a meal to a friend.
Shadows played across the winding road as Lucy happily pressed buttons on my cell phone from the back seat.
"I'm texting Papa," she said. "This says, 'I want to kiss you, I want to love you, I want to snuggle with you so much, I want to go somewhere special with you and get CANDY!'"

"Okay," I replied, a bit nervously. She's been known to save weird numbers to my contacts and call people unwittingly. That's what I get for letting her "see" my cell phone.

We arrived at home, I retrieved my phone. Back in our warm kitchen, I noticed a text from John had just come in. It seemed cryptic, most likely a mistake. I disregarded it.

Later I asked John what that had been about and he said, "I got the weirdest text from your phone! I was so confused."

Lucy had ACTUALLY texted John. See below for the exchange. At least she told me the interpretation of it while we were in the car. Mystery solved.


  1. you just save your lucy for my micah :) He is so even-keeled/phlegmatic/steady/golden retriever-like that he is going to need some sweet SASSY young thing to keep him happy, loved, and entertained :) We joke about this often :)

    she's precious! my holly was like that..... we call her "sassy holly-cat" (holly catherine)..... she kept us dying laughing (and spanking) HAHAHAHA. scott usually had to turn his head to discipline her to hide his grin and laughter.
    love you!

  2. Is that MAN Walter???!
    --from lizard


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