Today I have felt like our seven-year-old feels in the morning when he has to get up for school: weepy and like it's all just too much.
I really felt despair as I rose this morning and not because I have any hard circumstance to endure. Here's what I wanted to do: NOT get up, NOT teach two classes, NOT make dinner, NOT fold mountains of laundry and NOT host community group at our house tonight.
Wow, pretty ungrateful, right?

Medic...WE NEED THE LIST! BRING ON THE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here goes and quick!
(some of these are old, but I feel the need to catch up on them)

0383 the party for Pastor Rick
0384 Pastor Rick
0385 milk
0386 liberty
0387 that God made Lucy snugly
0388 Mug root beer
0389 yummy for salmon for dinner
0390 that John made the yummy salmon
0391 riding the bus by myself early to church
0392 warmer weather
0393 a day with Pop (Clay)
0394 raspberry soda
0395 the's actually warm!
0396 good sermon yesterday at church
0397 hacksaws are fun! (We used one for Walt's science fair project)
0398 Lucy's joy in having a simple picnic in the front yard today
0399 hanging around church and being the last ones to leave (can I get an amen?)
0400 Theo's haircut
0401 a clean, close shave
0402 funny commercials
0403 watching Clay and Walt play some intense tackle football with friends. No fighting!!
0404 how well Clayton did in baseball tryouts
0406 Theo and his friends playing with scooters and bikes
0407 being reunited with my people after my long trip to the DR
0408 a wonderful trip to a new country
0409 my brothers and sisters-in-law
0410 Walter's first acceptance to middle school
0411 that God is most available in our weakness

It really puts things in perspective.
Head over to A Holy Experience to read the gratitude lists of many many others!


  1. Three cheers for gratitude!

    We had a picnic today too, with 2/3 of the Carter kids. I have a sunburn on my cheeks.

    Loved that sermon on Sunday, as well as pastor Rick. How great is the Father's love for us!

    Kit, I am thankful for YOU!


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