Keep on counting

It's Holy Week. Counting the blessings.

0440 The Jesus Storybook Bible. If you don't already have this, please get it. And I don't mean only if you are a parent. Get it for your own encouragement.

0441 playing together in afternoon sun

0442 bags of hand-me-downs

0443 wise people at church

0444 writing

0445 working together on science fair projects

0446 talking in bed with my love

0447 inviting neighbors to church

0448 neighbors (I know, that was on last week's list but redundant praise is good!)

0449 praying before we go to sleep

0450 our community group and our times together

0451 umbrellas

0452 buds on branches, new life hiding inside

0453 the Lord's Supper. I need a lot of Jesus.

holy experience


  1. Nice post. I'm thankful for a lot of those things too.

  2. You have beautiful windows. We love hand me downs around here as well. Have a great week!


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