Doulos Discovery School

This mango tree is in the center of campus. Isn't it awesome?

On our second day in Jarabacoa, we spent the morning at Doulos Discovery School (the whole reason for our visit!)

First we attended Doulos' morning meeting (I think they call it flag time), where announcements are made and they sing their national anthem (like we say the Pledge of Allegiance). We had prepared a short skit to introduce ourselves. Boy, were our kids nervous (okay, I was, too).

Our students had spent time in class creating a game based on the popular game The Settlers of Catan but that was particular to the land and resources of the Dominican Republic. So, of course, we wanted to take some time to teach our Dominican counterparts how to play!
NOTE: I have some great pics of our students and their students playing together. However, I'm not sure about posting our students' photos here unless I have permission from their parents. I'll add those pictures in if I get the go-ahead.

The school buildings at Doulos reflect the geography, climate and the culture. The windows are open, several classrooms are outdoors and the architecture is quite simple yet functional.

Lovely Japanese garden in the middle of campus, designed by students as part of their expeditionary learning.

The playground for the little ones, also designed by students as part of an expedition.

Outdoor amphitheater, with classroom space behind. This is where flag time is held.

One of the newer buildings on campus, with administrative space above and Cafe Taino, the school's cafe, down below. No indoor eating space is needed!

Lastly, this playing court was used for MANY purposes: volleyball, tennis, basketball, just plain running amuck, and even class space. We noticed a math class out here, doing body movements to go along with math operations!
More to come as I chronicle our day of service and our trip to the beach!


  1. Finally getting to reading these posts, and looking forward to reading more. What a great experience for the kids...and for you too!

    Let's get together soon. I'm starting to forget what you look like. ;) Seriously though, I'm glad you're feeling like things are finally getting back to normal.


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