My own ironing boy

Oh just never mind that beer bottle in the backgroud...

Ironing is one of the jobs around the house that I just let pile up and pile up. I've had a stack of clean but un-ironed napkins since Thanksgiving. Then add to that the linens used over the Christmas holidays. That's a whole lot of wrinkly stuff!

Today we had a quiet afternoon and Walter didn't have much to do. So I hired him to do my ironing. I offered him a fee for the job and he took it. While the boys do have regular chores to do, there are a few jobs I'm happy to pay them for. Ironing is one of them.

He happily ironed for over an hour and did a wonderful job. He's ironed for me before and has become quite proficient and careful with it.

Here are his totals:

32 napkins
3 tablecloths
2 linen pillow cases

I'm very satisfied with his work!

What jobs would you rather pay someone to do? What do you find yourself putting off?


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