I'm off!

I'm off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow!
I, along with five other teachers/adults, are taking nine 7th and 8th graders to the DR for 10 days.
We will be visiting this amazing school. Check out their website to see more.
My mom is here to help my husband run the ship in my absence. I've been so stressed about going, worried, complete with nausea and aching back. I'm going to miss my people so much (understatement of the year). Especially my sidekick.
I'm feeling better, thanks to prayers and God's peace.
I'll try to update while I'm gone, but not sure it will happen.
I'm not sure how I will feel about being with my students 24/7 for 10 days. I hope we can love each other and not get sick (in any way, shape or form)!
More likely, see what we're up to HERE. This is our class blog for our trip and we HOPE to update.
No promises.



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