Can you beat this?

I have to share with you the sweetest Valentine I've ever received from a student. You teachers know that we usually score pretty well at the holidays with candy and what-have-you.

The sentiment in this little card, typed up on her computer at home, rolled in a scroll and tied with an orange and white polka -dot ribbon beats all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Senora Standridge,
Thank you for teaching me how to speak Spanish. I hope to use it in my mission's work for God when I grow up. Your humorous smile and willing ways are showing me your teachable heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

Your willing student,

Cielita is not her real name, just the name we use for her in class. What a gem. I'm so thankful.


  1. This is so stinkin' sweet! I can only imagine how this encouraged you, Senora!

  2. Oops, this is Heather Ashe (I'm on my mom - Margie's - computer. ha ha


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