And that's what makes boys and girls different

Last night Walter was urging me to get out of the kitchen and come see the gold medal race of someone or other on the Olympics. I said to give me just a minute as I wiped up the counters.
His exasperated remark: "Why do women always put cleanliness before sports?!?"

While watching the movie Bolt the other night, the children started wishing, based on the cool contraptions in the movie's chase scene.

Walter: I wish I had my own motorized scooter that could go that fast.

Theo: I wish I had my own helicopter that could send down motorcycles and then shoot the bad guys.

Then Lucy piped in: I wish I had my own big Barbie car! And I could drive it all day and night! And it wouldn't have a roof! But then if it rained, I would just push a button and then a roof would come out!


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