28 February 2010

And that's what makes boys and girls different

Last night Walter was urging me to get out of the kitchen and come see the gold medal race of someone or other on the Olympics. I said to give me just a minute as I wiped up the counters.
His exasperated remark: "Why do women always put cleanliness before sports?!?"

While watching the movie Bolt the other night, the children started wishing, based on the cool contraptions in the movie's chase scene.

Walter: I wish I had my own motorized scooter that could go that fast.

Theo: I wish I had my own helicopter that could send down motorcycles and then shoot the bad guys.

Then Lucy piped in: I wish I had my own big Barbie car! And I could drive it all day and night! And it wouldn't have a roof! But then if it rained, I would just push a button and then a roof would come out!

27 February 2010

I'm back!

I'm back! Returned home late Thursday afternoon. Am still going through re-entry shock. Woke up this morning and had no idea what day it was or where I was. I'll post more about the trip in the days to come.

HOWEVER, I cannot let a moment pass before thanking all of you who prayed for me! The whole trip was just wonderful: smooth travel (a delay getting out of Boston but made our connection), no one got seriously sick, the children were wonderful to be with, good bonding between the adults on the trip, amazing times of learning and cultural exchange, I really do remember how to speak Spanish, made good, life-giving connections with Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic, my family all survived my absence...

More details to come soon.

15 February 2010

I'm off!

I'm off to the Dominican Republic tomorrow!
I, along with five other teachers/adults, are taking nine 7th and 8th graders to the DR for 10 days.
We will be visiting this amazing school. Check out their website to see more.
My mom is here to help my husband run the ship in my absence. I've been so stressed about going, worried, complete with nausea and aching back. I'm going to miss my people so much (understatement of the year). Especially my sidekick.
I'm feeling better, thanks to prayers and God's peace.
I'll try to update while I'm gone, but not sure it will happen.
I'm not sure how I will feel about being with my students 24/7 for 10 days. I hope we can love each other and not get sick (in any way, shape or form)!
More likely, see what we're up to HERE. This is our class blog for our trip and we HOPE to update.
No promises.


14 February 2010

Happy Valentime's Day!

That's what Lucy calls it and now I call it that, too. On Friday, Theo asked, "Mom, is it Valentine's or Valentime's?"
Guess I had better start saying it right. Boo.

13 February 2010

Can you beat this?

I have to share with you the sweetest Valentine I've ever received from a student. You teachers know that we usually score pretty well at the holidays with candy and what-have-you.

The sentiment in this little card, typed up on her computer at home, rolled in a scroll and tied with an orange and white polka -dot ribbon beats all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear Senora Standridge,
Thank you for teaching me how to speak Spanish. I hope to use it in my mission's work for God when I grow up. Your humorous smile and willing ways are showing me your teachable heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

Your willing student,

Cielita is not her real name, just the name we use for her in class. What a gem. I'm so thankful.

07 February 2010

Jesus is even cooler than I thought!

In this morning's sermon, Bradley (our pastor and friend) mentioned that Jesus reached out and touched the leper.

Theo turned to me and whispered, incredulously, "Jesus touched a leopard?!?!"

Who is this Jesus that touches leopards?! I think the Bible just got more exciting!

06 February 2010

My own ironing boy

Oh just never mind that beer bottle in the backgroud...

Ironing is one of the jobs around the house that I just let pile up and pile up. I've had a stack of clean but un-ironed napkins since Thanksgiving. Then add to that the linens used over the Christmas holidays. That's a whole lot of wrinkly stuff!

Today we had a quiet afternoon and Walter didn't have much to do. So I hired him to do my ironing. I offered him a fee for the job and he took it. While the boys do have regular chores to do, there are a few jobs I'm happy to pay them for. Ironing is one of them.

He happily ironed for over an hour and did a wonderful job. He's ironed for me before and has become quite proficient and careful with it.

Here are his totals:

32 napkins
3 tablecloths
2 linen pillow cases

I'm very satisfied with his work!

What jobs would you rather pay someone to do? What do you find yourself putting off?

04 February 2010

Dental hygiene...or not

Lucy and I (who else? she's my sidekick) just came from the dentist where I had my teeth cleaned. On the way home, we were talking about what the dentist has told us about how to care for our teeth.
Lucy: One time I forgot to brush my teeth and daddy said I didn't have to do it that time. [Oh really? Interesting to note.]

Me: Oh, but the dentist just said we have to brush our teeth two times a day!

Lucy: Hahahahahahahaha! (serious voice) I don't listen to the dentist.

Already bucking the authority of the dentist. Not good.