What I'm thinking about

What's on my mind tonight, in no particular order:

1. the devastation in Haiti. My mind numbs at the scale of the suffering. Praying and giving

2. the upcoming special election in Massachusetts. May seem silly in light of global events, but I am energized by Scott Brown's campaign and his refusal to stoop to attack ads, as his opponent has done. Also, I'm SICK of the Kennedy/Democrat machine in this state. It would be AMAZING to see Scott Brown win on Tuesday. If you live in Massachusetts, please exercise your right to vote and may I suggest voting for Scott Brown!

3. my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic with the 7th and 8th graders I teach. I have a lot to do to prepare my students for the trip and more importantly, my family for my absence! EEEK!

4. Walter's middle school applications, etc. We are in the thick of completing applications and interviews. For middle school!!! Praying for favor and guidance.

5. So grateful for the school our children currently attend and for the school where I teach. Wonderful colleagues, wonderful teachers, friends and families.


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