26 January 2010

It's coming soon

Lucy today: Mom, when is Clementime's Day coming?

You know, that holidays of hearts and love and pink and red and carnations and baby's breath...Clementime's Day.
Maybe its new color should be orange.

25 January 2010

Connecting to Haiti

I found THIS BLOG that I've been reading daily to get some understanding of what is going on in Haiti. This is just one little clinic, one little corner. But it has helped me get a feel for what it is like there now (a tiny bit).

What are you reading to stay informed?

Winter Thanks

Getting caught up on the list of ways the Father lets us know He loves us.
Will you join in?

Daily Reading Bible

my huge sweater I wear around the house; it's like a coat, it's so warm!

being home on a snowy morning

our amaryllis is growing! Fun to watch

the Snoopy on a motorcycle that Theo gave me for Christmas; he just "knew" I would love it!!

the feel of my sheets when I go to bed


Boston Public Garden

ice skating on Frog Pond

snow-covered trees with Christmas lights still up

Mommy and Dada (Lucy)


Marx Brothers movies

voting for Scott Brown (Theo)



parents to help on middle school applications (Walter)

Beatles Rock Band

our new to us sterling silver napkin rings, family heirlooms. It's a pleasure to use them everyday!


kids greeting Papa at the top of the stairs when he comes home


back muscles...tired




the universe

reading Clementine with Theo..again. Theo has the best laugh!

plans coming together for trip to the DR

that God wants to help more than I believe He does

a good sleep that leaves me feeling refreshed

clean boys

stinky boys, too

childhood memories

I encourage you to click on the graphic below and go read the other posts on A Holy Experience!

Happy Monday!

holy experience

16 January 2010

What I'm thinking about

What's on my mind tonight, in no particular order:

1. the devastation in Haiti. My mind numbs at the scale of the suffering. Praying and giving

2. the upcoming special election in Massachusetts. May seem silly in light of global events, but I am energized by Scott Brown's campaign and his refusal to stoop to attack ads, as his opponent has done. Also, I'm SICK of the Kennedy/Democrat machine in this state. It would be AMAZING to see Scott Brown win on Tuesday. If you live in Massachusetts, please exercise your right to vote and may I suggest voting for Scott Brown!

3. my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic with the 7th and 8th graders I teach. I have a lot to do to prepare my students for the trip and more importantly, my family for my absence! EEEK!

4. Walter's middle school applications, etc. We are in the thick of completing applications and interviews. For middle school!!! Praying for favor and guidance.

5. So grateful for the school our children currently attend and for the school where I teach. Wonderful colleagues, wonderful teachers, friends and families.

11 January 2010

1000 Gifts continued

Do you like this cork guy? I made a whole village of cork people when I was little. My mom sent them to me a few years ago. I love them!

Continuing to count the blessing from our God, hoping to become more like that which I set my mind upon.

oldest son reading the Christmas story to the family

full candle-lit service on Christmas Eve. More and more people in our young church are putting down roots and deciding to stay. It's very exciting to me.

picking up family at the train on Christmas Day

picking up more family at the airport on Christmas night!

our cranking furnace and space heaters

a FULL house for Christmas weekend. I loved ALL of it...even 10 people and one bathroom!

Christmas breakfast, my very favorite meal of the WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR!

a Christmas with my parents...we haven't had Christmas together in 7 years

holiday cooking and feasting...what a luxury! So thankful.

party with neighbors; glad to have them in our home

fun excursions with the grandparents during Christmas week

the TWELVE days of Christmas! I like to eke out all the enjoyment I can

tree lights

snow storms

safe travels for family

getting back into a routine

all the Christmas cards, still lining the hallway

new sermon series in Matthew

the body of Christ

holy experience

07 January 2010

Update and some good advice from a friend

I became a Christian in college. There were several students in our Christian fellowship a few years ahead of me who were always so caring to us younger (and dumber) students. I looked up to them then and feel so thankful to the Lord for the ways He has cared for me through them.

Tabitha is one of these friends. Tab married her college sweetheart, and I remember just being so amazed and mystified that someone in college could actually know who she was going to marry. Seemed quite mysterious to me.

We got reconnected through Facebook (of course! Is that becoming a cliche?). She really loves Jesus and it just shines through her.

Her comment on my blog after yesterday's post meant to much to me. I found it very wise and loving and full of grace. So, with her permission, I'm posting here as regular post that it might instruct and encourage us. Even if you don't find yourself in the place that our church is, you might someday.

i did peds ICU for a long time. there is so much grief and death. you know what i learned by letting the mommas and daddies teach me? (really.) they don't want you to have answers. they want you to be quiet and listen.... even when it's awfully awkward and the temptation is to say something to cover the silence. don't talk and just let the tears come. it means you have mercy and compassion. and when words are necessary, ask if you can pray with them instead... something very short and sweet like, "Jesus, my friend is grieving and we are sad, because we love and miss her baby---(name)--- God, please wrap Your Arms around them, so they can feel You, amen. The general public, even those at church, who by and large ALL mean well, either say something that comes across dumb or say nothing at all, due to awkwardness. BOTH hurt. Most mommas say that they WISH people would ask them about their baby or ASK to see pictures and then just cry with them. My dear friend Kate's baby died at 3 weeks. Even knowing this i told her: Kate, my heart is breaking for you and i want to know and hear about your son, but i am afraid that asking you will make you sadder. Her response: TAB, i cry every day anyway. it is so nice to have somebody to cry WITH. when people don't ask, i think that they don't want to know... he was my son, and i never want to forget.
HARD STUFF. Kit, Jesus will give you the words! He is already showing you what to do. What a good friend! You are not sure-- but trudging forward INTO the pain anyway-- that is the mark of a great friend. I will pray with you! I'm assuming this was the young infant on ECMO, and that he must have had a hypoplastic left heart. tell me how to pray, as you know.... God is obviously calling you in and HE will equip you!
and YES. being an adult is so very over-rated, no?
You are Loved!

Tabitha, thanks for your love of the Lord and your love for the body of Christ! Our God is always doing more than we ask or imagine.

05 January 2010

Growing up

Our church is young. Sometimes John and I feel like we're OLD at our church.

Many people in our church come and go. We are situated between two major universities and families come for a few years of school and move on.

We have lots of babies! It seems like we've always got about ten ladies expecting at any one time - sometimes more.

Somehow, in the thirteen years that John and I have been at our church, we seem to have been spared many tragedies. I can't think of a funeral happening in our church. Even with all the babies, it's almost always been smooth sailing.

As our church grows, it (she?) will inevitably have to also grow

A couple new to our city and our church (since last summer) lost their infant son last week. He lived three miraculous weeks. In any other city (without our medical resources, especially for pediatrics), he might not have lived at all outside of the womb. I only know this family a little bit, just in passing. But my heart just breaks for their loss and grief and suffering.

The mom had attended our women's Bible study this fall, so we've been really praying for her since it was discovered that the baby had a heart defect. I don't know how well she knows people or is known by people at church.

Now we young women are the grown-ups. We're doing the things we might have seen our mothers do. Do we make food for after the service? How do we help the family? How do we love them? How do we
be Jesus to them while they're here with us, in our midst, in the midst of their pain? When did we get old to enough to be in charge of these things?

So tonight I'm in my kitchen late, making food for a funeral, thinking about growing up, the pain of it, and how Jesus might come and change us. Make us different for having walked through this together.

Come, Lord Jesus.