20 October 2009

How her mind works

I know, I know, second Lucy post in a row. But she's so funny!!! To me, at least.

Here's a log of some of her thoughts and sayings on our car ride to school today. Whew, what a ride!

This is all Lucy:

(in a worried voice as we drove out of our neighborhood) I hope we see my favorite color, green, today!

(a few seconds later) Oh, there's some green! In the trees!!

(in a quiet voice, to herself) My God is so...strong. He talked and things...came.

(as we crossed the Charles River) It's a good day to canoe!

(as we passed the Harvard playing fields) I wish there was a bigger guy football game. Mom, will you sign me up for football? Then I can be big and strong like my mom.

[Later in the ride I gave a friendly toot of the horn...yes, I promise it was friendly...this time...to warn someone that I was in his blind spot.]

(when we picked up the brothers, this was the first thing she said to them when they opened the door) Guys, guess what?! Mom honked!!!

18 October 2009

Our story

Got a Lucy story for you.
This was our conversation the other day in the car:

L (sounding skeptical): So, Mom, when there was nothing in our story, Jesus TALKED and things were made?

K: Yes, that's right, God spoke and things were made!

L (still not sure): So...when there was nothing in our story, Jesus TALKED? And things were made?!

K: Yes! Isn't that amazing?

L: He can do magic!! I can't do magic!

And then a few days later, she asked this:

L: Mom, how is our story going to end?

(By this time, I'm catching on to the fact that "our story" is life as we know it. Love that phrase.)

K: Well, the Bible says that Jesus is going to come back and there will be a new heaven and new earth, and we are going to get new bodies!!

L (whimpering): I don't want a new body!

Another day as we walked out of the house, she asked, "Are there going to be any squirrels in our story today?"

Our life is one big story.

12 October 2009

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Time to continue the list. Since my last Gratitude post, I've heard from more friends about how this list has encouraged them with their own thanks to our Father!

Glory be! It really does make us different!


time away to learn the teaching craft; it give me great joy

apple picking with friends; an autumn tradition continued, this time in the lovely mountains of New Hampshire

Oldest son waving to me from across a field with an enthusiastic, "Hi, Mom!!!" So glad he still likes me. :)

church retreat and living our lives with these dear friends

our boys sitting at lunch table with a bunch of single friends from church, chatting and laughing together

amazing foliage colors in NH! Glory!

gospel teaching over the weekend and great discussions afterward

stars...you can see so many of them when you leave the city!! I had forgotten.

anticipation of a few days away with sweet husband! Fancy hotel, here we come!

remembering God's faithfulness as I looked around at church friends over the weekend. He has done and is doing so much in our midst.

time on my drive to Maine to really pray and sing and admire the creation

sweet memories of our early years of marriage and living in lovely New England

this morning, I woke up for a bit and then was allowed to go BACK TO SLEEP. It was that deep, sweet, relaxed sleep that I don't feel that I get very often. Mmmmmm.

laughing with son #3 and seeing him grow in confidence

holding Lucy, my sweet baby. The way I yearn for her is just a little picture of how the Father yearns for me. Can you believe it?!?

thinking about the story of the prodigal son, and how maybe he felt when he saw his father RUNNING down the road toward him, all dignity and caution thrown to the wind. May I feel THAT love as I learn to authentically repent and move on in Christ's life.

apple crisp from the fair and our SWEET friends who brought it to us! What did we do to deserve such a gift?

Thank you, Lord, for your goodness to us! You whisper your love in so many ways.

Read more and see the Gratitude lists of others at Holy Experience.

08 October 2009

I'm going places

Today I went to Maine. All by myself. I drove up to Lewiston, Maine for a workshop with this person. I had to leave before dawn even cracked!!! It was dark. Like, night time, I tell you. But I had a lot of coffee with me and good old NPR on the radio, and I had lots of time to pray.

When the sun came up, things got a little brighter (guffaw guffaw) and I spent some time admiring creation and singing. It was great!

The workshop was very fun, informative, interactive and also good for networking. It really made me even more happy to be a language teacher using TPRS. I love it so much! And it makes me laugh, so what could be better?

Tomorrow we are all going to Lake Winnipesaukee (NH) for the church getaway. I'm so excited! We missed it last year because we were at Derek and Luz's wedding (that's a worthy cause). There will be s'mores! Bonfires! Hiking! Kids! Yay!

Next week, John and I are going on a little getaway of our own to NYC! We are staying at a FANCY hotel (using hotel points for that!) and taking the train down there. We will see some family and some friends. And be by ourselves. In New York City. All by ourselves with millions of others. We will go to a museum or two. And take in a show.

If you know NYC, give me your best recommendations of what we need to see/do with 2.5 days in the city. What is not to be missed this time around?

The List

Clayton had an assignment this week which was to write a paragraph incorporating all of the week's vocabulary words.

Here are the words he needed to use:


Think about it for a minute. What would you write?

Here is what Clayton came up with. It is PERFECT! And the best thing is, he doesn't understand why I find it so hilarious:

Yesterday I received an advertisement in the mail. It said, "Please adopt a troublesome, feisty and energetic little dude from Tasmania." I murmured, "Who would adopt a troublesome guy from Tasmania? I want a mild-mannered guy who is never crowding you or being pesky or doing anything harshly."

04 October 2009

He goes before and behind

For ye shall not go out in haste, nor go by flight, for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rearward.
Isaiah 52:12 (English Revised Version)

I want to share the reading from Amy Carmichael's Edges of His Ways, a devotional I've mentioned before and one that always ministers to me. I found it so appropriate for a new month. This is the entry for September 30, though I'm just now getting to posting it. Here are Amy's words:

Have you ever looked back over a month and felt more than a little disheartened over the failures and mistakes - the blots on the page you had meant to keep so white?

There is a most beautiful and tender meaning in the word "rearward" which again and again has comforted me. It may be new to some of you. It means to gather. The Revised Version margin has, to gather you up. An army as it goes forth into new territory needs a Vanguard to protect the van, and a Rearguard to protect the rear, so our glorious God uses these two words in speaking of His loving work to us-ward. The Lord will go before us. Our Vanguard is the Lord. And the Lord God of Israel will be our Rearward - following after, not only to defend us, should the enemy attack in the rear, as he often does, but to gather us up if we flag and are weary because of the way. And if He gathers us up, He gathers up also the things we have dropped, our poor fallen resolutions, mistakes, everything, and deals with them Himself. There is eternal love and tenderness in these dear words, "The Lord God of Israel shall gather you up." Not only that, The glory of the Lord shall be thy rearward (Isaiah 58:8).

So, as we travel on into another month we need not fear, Eternal Love is our Vanguard, the glory of Eternal Love is our Rearguard. The everlasting Arms of Everlasting Love shall gather us up.

May the Lord God go before and after you today and all this busy October month! Grace, grace, grace.