29 September 2009


A rule I never imagined I might someday have to utter:

You may not play the kazoo while you brush your teeth.

I told this to Theo today and he said, "Okay. But it is quite a talent."

25 September 2009


Okay, you guys (or y'all, whichever you prefer). This is serious. Get ready for what I have to tell you.






























(with a little help from a friend I like to call YouTube. And a little video I like to call Direct Drive Washing Machine Lid Switch Replacement)

21 September 2009

1000 Gifts continued

Oh, do I need to post this today!

Too tired for any pretty graphics or buttons or even pictures.

But I want you to know, I need you to know that this gratitude business REALLY changes me! It really changes my heart!

AND...it changes those around me.

We're learning from Jonah in church this fall. So in Community Group tonight (where we discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday), we talked about how life's storms can present an opportunity for repentance.

A friend asked, "But HOW can the storms help us to repent?"

My answer is that when we give thanks in the storms, we are convicted of our ingratitude. When we remember the thanks, then we are also reminded of all the times that we neglected to give thanks.

And then we must run and hide ourselves in Jesus, cry mercy and rejoice in our adoption!

I'm not in a storm right now. But today felt heavy, low, draggy. And I thought this morning, "Today, more than ever, I need to write my Gratitude List."

Today write down ten things that God uses to let you know that He loves you, that He delights in you, that He is a Good Gift-Giver. I promise you, it will change you!


three sunny days in a row, unbelievably sunny, bright and perfect. Gifts, I tell you!

how when I feel a bit under the weather, I remember how great it is to NOT feel under the weather

getting back to the gym this week. Hello? Body?

excitement in teaching and learning

our dear community group starting up again

a beautiful new person at community group! I hope we loved her well enough so that she comes back!

getting in a better Bible reading routine with the family

Son #3's eyes that light up with new knowledge

Son #3 getting the giggles in church and both of us almost losing it completely!

AWESOME songs in church yesterday

being able to fight with husband and easily make up after. We're getting better at fighting (now that sounds funny).

neighbor's adoption of 3 school-aged lovelies from Congo, brand new to our school, neighborhood and lives. What a privilege to love them.

water...as much as I want to drink. And it's clean.

Gospel of John...so tender. He loves us so.

Husband who loves me

Son #1 learning to help in church service. Proud to see him grow.


Do you see how this could go on and on and on and on and on? Let it be so!

07 September 2009

Blessings #66 - 77

holy experience

the feel of September in the cool nights and dry days

a peaceful time getting to church with the family for the third week in a row...THANKFUL

warm boys' bodies snuggling up to me all during church

singing in church

hearing my children humming the songs from church later in the day

friends at church who love our children even when they find out they're not always cute

the Lord's leading me to help in Sunday School this year mainly so that I can be with son #3

the fun of hanging around with two goofy 11-year-old boys

throwing the football with those same boys and laughing

reading a book concurrently with son #1 and both loving it!

my long-time favorite devotional by Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways. I highly recommend any of her writings, but this little book has been a special friend to me

the awesome, beautiful, encouraging note from a friend who said that my list of blessings blessed her!

sunset in Ogunquit, Maine in July

06 September 2009

And now, a poem

Onion Ecstasy

Liquid gold spreads in blackened cast iron
Welcomes soul mates
Translucent, pungent pieces tumble in
Release first promise of
Comfort to come
Pressed shreds hiss
Melding, marrying
Consummating, sustaining
Come what may.

written by me during our teacher meetings of 8/24-8/27. My task was to become an expert on the onion, write a poem, paint a picture and also do a science experiment. This is all a part of our school becoming an Expeditionary Learning school. Click HERE learn about ELS...I'm not sure that I really "get" it yet.

Labor Day Weekend Update

So I'm just trying to keep all you anxious readers (hahahahahahah...ha) satisfied with all the nitty gritty, sordid details of my life here.

Here's a list for you of the last few weeks or so. Life's about to make the jump to hyper space here in the next week and a half, with the boys starting school. This week will be a warm up, with ballet for Lucy and soccer and baseball for the boys beginning.

1. Week before last I had four days of teacher meetings at my school. I will be teaching 5-8th graders again this year. The meetings were very fun, encouraging and even, dare I say, inspiring. We teachers had the chance to play with art, poetry, science, and exploration. Very good for the soul.

2. Last Wednesday was my first day of teaching for the year! Eeek! I'll be in class M/W/F this year and I'm really looking forward to it. I've been doing lots of reading online and otherwise about school issues, teaching methods, and teaching in general. Invigorating. As a side note, one of the most interesting books I've read is called
The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing by Alfie Kohn. From my perspective, as both teacher and parent, he is dead on in his assessment. I'm already dreading the homework this year. That sentiment leads to my next point of interest...

3. I've been reading
Parenting with Love and Logic and it is like a balm to my mother-soul. So much wisdom in their parenting ideas and techniques. I'm just a fledgling at trying them out, but can't wait to read more and experiment more. Have any of you read this stuff? I'd love to talk it out with someone.

4. We did indeed have two birthdays week before last. I WILL post pictures very soon. I will, I really will. Suffice to say for now, that the numbers 7 and 11 were involved and there
was a trip to 7-11 that week.

5. We had a yard sale on Saturday, finally! We have been meaning to have one ever since we got a serious truck load of stuff from John's folks last fall. We would plan it and then have to put if off for various reasons. We really almost did it last weekend, but it rained. So yesterday was the day and I'm SO glad that we pulled it off! We made a decent wad of cash and got rid of some things. We still have some stuff to sell, but I think we'll use craigslist and some other email lists to do it. It was A LOT of work, but I think worth it.

6. I had an epiphany while reading a old favorite, classic book to Lucy tonight (
Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel). I know this book so well that I don't have to really concentrate in order to read it well and with expression (I think this also points to how well the book is written. It easily lends itself to being read aloud. Some children's books are just absolute death to read aloud. Some books I just flat out refuse to read aloud...but that's another topic). ANYWAY, there I was, reading about Mike and Mary Anne, his steam shovel, and my mind was completely wandering to other things, making plans, pondering plans, etc. Are you still reading? Are you wondering what this epiphany was already? What I realized was that I can actually get some good thinking done while reading if I'm reading something familiar and comforting. So not only did I get some snuggly pre-bed time with Lulu, but I also had a good little brain workout. That's what I call time well-spent. And we all know that I'm all about efficiency and spending time well. Right? We all know that...don't...we...?

This strange post has come to an end. More as the holiday weekend unfolds!

01 September 2009

Yesterday was Monday...

and I didn't get around to posting our blessings!

I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples;
I will sing praises to you among the nations.
For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your
faithfulness to the clouds.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!
Let Your Glory be over all the earth!
Psalm 57:9-11

That was our reading in Psalms yesterday, so perfect for Multitude Monday.
I promise more posts this week about the birthdays...lots to share!

Blessings 0051 - 0065
Won't you join with me in the praise?

celebrating two boys' birthdays last week

making birthday cakes

making frosting

seeing the joy and calm of six boys and two big buckets of Legos

the sincere thanks of the boys for their birthday presents

rainbow balloons and a shaving cream fight

the joy of givings gifts; what a blessing!

having a beer at the late afternoon with the neighbors while we watch the children play

wearing a sweater this week, instead of sweating

yellow tablecloth in my kitchen (there's that yellow again!)

lots of learning and creating at teacher meetings last week

laughing with colleagues and feeling free to be silly

snuggling with tiny girl in big chair with books

reading Katie's story this past week; praying and wondering

stacks of books to read and the joy of learning

holy experience