26 February 2009


My new favorite joke. I know, I'm a complete nerd.

What did zero say to eight?


Nice belt.

13 February 2009

High apple pie in the sky hopes

Yes, I've got high hopes for this winter vacation week! I need to accomplish some practical things, and I also hope to get lots and lots of fun playing time with the kiddos, boys especially. We haven't been having enough fun around here!
Here's the list.

Practical (and kind of boring):
1. Do some grading and planning for my Spanish classes
2. Wash all the coats, hats, etc. They're getting very grimy.
3. Continue to get the dining room "done"...still not that happy with it since the addition of much-appreciated furniture.
4. Routine cleaning and de-cluttering, especially in boys' room, drawers.

1. Have a tournament on the boys' indoor basketball hoop
2. Read LOTS! Just got several read-alouds from the library, as well as the one we are currently reading, Our Island Story, A History of Britain.
3. Check out lots of movies from the library and have a movie night with the guest bed pulled out and everything.
4. Go on at least one field trip.
5. Have some one-on-one time with each boy.

This is not so much to hope for, is it? I am SO ready for this little change in routine. Very grateful I am (Yoda, anyone?).

Photo of Walter on Southwest Airlines coming home from Texas October 2008

Link Love

It's almost Valentine's Day...whew. I have to admit that I'm not too crazy about this holiday. I'm all for expressing love, but there is so much pressure involved if your children are in school.
Make the Valentine mail boxes...wrap, decorate, cut the slit for deliveries.
Make and address Valentines for all the classmates...that was 59 Valentines in total for us this year.
Make and MAIL Valentines to grandparents and great-grandparents...attempt creativity...try to limit the number of ninja fight scenes on the cards...maybe they could shoot each other with heart arrows, a la Cupid? Just an idea.

Today I want to direct you to a post written by Ann at Holy Experience. CLICK HERE to read. She seems to always get me where I live. Choosing love instead of anger. Why not always joy, indeed.

God is really working on me in so many areas now. I'm glad He won't just leave me in my awful condition. But it hurts.

12 February 2009

11 February 2009

Make believe

Lucy is busy rolling up dollar bills that were lying on the table.

Lucy: Here you go, Little Hivey.

Me: What does that mean? Little Hivey?

Lucy (with disdain): It means something that it means.

End of discussion. Are you getting tired of these conversations? I'm not. :)

02 February 2009

You know you've prayed too long when

...your three-year-old says a definitive "Amen" before your prayer ends and proceeds to eat her breakfast with nary a glance at you.

Also, Lucy just told me I'm too "scritchery" which does not sound good for me. Not good at all.