This is my birthday week! Yay! I love birthdays, and I had a great one this year.

The celebrations actually began LAST weekend when my parents-in-law were here and we all went out to East Coast Grill for a birthday dinner. It was SO fun.

Sunday was the actual day. There wasn't time for a special breakfast, because it was "church day" and John was preaching. But Theo said, "We have to have a special breakfast! It's your birthday!" We compromised with the Dunkin' Donuts drive-through on the way to church.

The children gave me an awesome musical card. You know, the ones that play music when you open them? This one was Alvin and the Chipmunks singing "Funky Town". This was selected by Theo and they all LOVE it! Lucy picked out some fluorescent colored pencils for me and the boys gave me a WICKED AWESOME clear umbrella, the kind that comes down over you like a bubble. I just love it! And I've been wanting one, too!

Going to church on your birthday is lots of fun because you get lots of people to say happy birthday to you and it makes you feel really special. At least it made me feel really special! And thanks to Facebook, you also get lots of birthday greetings from hundreds of people that you don't really even know all that well. And that makes you feel special, too. At least it did to me!

Monday was a faculty day at my school and we went on a field trip to this amazing place. The Community of Jesus is down on the Cape. The most striking thing about the place is the gorgeous church they have built on the property. The artwork on both the exterior and interior of the building is beyond belief...frescoes and mosaics done by Italian artists, carved stonework, a huge and beautiful organ. The weather was not typical November weather - sunny and in the upper 60s - so we enjoyed everything about the day.

Oh, wait the title of this post is today...and I didn't even mention today!

That will have to come tomorrow! Good night!


  1. Ooooh, a cliff hanger! Post soon, post soon; I'm so curious!! :)

    Happy Birthday, you sweet woman.


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