Thanksgiving Food Update

The Thanksgiving food preparation in our house began last night. I made the traditional cranberries in wine and began polishing the silver.

This morning I ran to the grocery store before 7 am for the last minute items. I've completed TWO jello "salads" (Are you from the South? Then you know about these. These are in honor of my husband's Texan heritage), a green and an orange. The pumpkin rolls are on their second rise. I'm about to make the pie pastry so that it has time to chill and then I'll probably need to take a break to feed the hordes their lunch.

Walter is about to do some ironing of the linen napkins for me.

The difficulty I run into with all this holiday cooking is that I lose steam for making the regular meals that people still need to eat. What should we have? Cereal? Bread crusts? I wish I were more organized.

More to come as things develop.


  1. Canned soup and grilled cheese has been a staple lunch here these days. Tonight we dine on frozen meatballs, mircowaved with canned gravy, and noodles. It is too much to prepare other meals in the midst of Thanksgiving preparation! You could even feed 'em frozen pizza; they'll eat well tomorrow. ha!

    You are amazing with all the cooking you're doing. I salivate when I look at your blog.

    Right now I've got things chopped to mix up the stuffing (have to take it to Gyda's to put in the bird they're cooking.) The pie was done yesterday. Sweet potatoes are baked for the casserole I'll make tomorrow. And, I will be making the classic green bean casserole! As for jello salads, they're midwestern as well. My mom always has this delicious layered strawberry one with sour cream in the middle. But I was already making so much, I let it go this time....

  2. the regular meals are our enemies! cold cuts, pizza, humus w veggies - it is a pretty sad spread. :) but some days its really fun to eat snacks for a meal!


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