Sometimes just have to grit your teeth.

One of my sons is playing with a toy that makes a COMPLETELY ANNOYING sound. I am SO tempted to tell him to knock it off!

But I remind myself that a) he's having a lot of fun with it, b) it won't last the whole morning (please, don't let it last the whole morning) and c) it's good to not be an annoyed, snippy parent. He's not trying to be bad or irritating.

One of my home-schooling friends used a beautiful phrase on her blog the other day, as she wrote about their days together: "Like sandpaper, rubbing sometimes all day long, we become smoother." Lord, let the rubbing make me and us smoother every day. Jesus, help!


  1. I have zero patience for annoying sounds. zero. The idea of having to push past myself and be gracious to someone who is making an annoying sound overwhelms me. lol


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