Our story

Got a Lucy story for you.
This was our conversation the other day in the car:

L (sounding skeptical): So, Mom, when there was nothing in our story, Jesus TALKED and things were made?

K: Yes, that's right, God spoke and things were made!

L (still not sure): So...when there was nothing in our story, Jesus TALKED? And things were made?!

K: Yes! Isn't that amazing?

L: He can do magic!! I can't do magic!

And then a few days later, she asked this:

L: Mom, how is our story going to end?

(By this time, I'm catching on to the fact that "our story" is life as we know it. Love that phrase.)

K: Well, the Bible says that Jesus is going to come back and there will be a new heaven and new earth, and we are going to get new bodies!!

L (whimpering): I don't want a new body!

Another day as we walked out of the house, she asked, "Are there going to be any squirrels in our story today?"

Our life is one big story.


  1. ha! can you even remember back to the days when we didn't WANT a new body?! lol! love it. :)

  2. I'm thinking I need a little Kit in my story soon, with a side of Lucy, too. Sometime next week?

    I totally agree that "our story" is such a beautiful phrase.


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