I'm going places

Today I went to Maine. All by myself. I drove up to Lewiston, Maine for a workshop with this person. I had to leave before dawn even cracked!!! It was dark. Like, night time, I tell you. But I had a lot of coffee with me and good old NPR on the radio, and I had lots of time to pray.

When the sun came up, things got a little brighter (guffaw guffaw) and I spent some time admiring creation and singing. It was great!

The workshop was very fun, informative, interactive and also good for networking. It really made me even more happy to be a language teacher using TPRS. I love it so much! And it makes me laugh, so what could be better?

Tomorrow we are all going to Lake Winnipesaukee (NH) for the church getaway. I'm so excited! We missed it last year because we were at Derek and Luz's wedding (that's a worthy cause). There will be s'mores! Bonfires! Hiking! Kids! Yay!

Next week, John and I are going on a little getaway of our own to NYC! We are staying at a FANCY hotel (using hotel points for that!) and taking the train down there. We will see some family and some friends. And be by ourselves. In New York City. All by ourselves with millions of others. We will go to a museum or two. And take in a show.

If you know NYC, give me your best recommendations of what we need to see/do with 2.5 days in the city. What is not to be missed this time around?


  1. a little off the beaten path, but we really enjoyed the folk art museum, which is next to MOMA. http://www.folkartmuseum.org/ Enjoy NYC in the fall! One of my favorites!

  2. Well, I must comment on this one...we go to NYC every year and here's our recommendations:

    1. Afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup (reservations recommended at least 24 hrs in advance)
    2. The Museum of Modern Art -- free on Friday nights fr 4-8pm
    3. Shopping at funky bohemiam stores in the East Village
    4. Catching the view from the top of the Empire State Bldg at night
    5. and of course, a half-price show in Times Square


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