How her mind works

I know, I know, second Lucy post in a row. But she's so funny!!! To me, at least.

Here's a log of some of her thoughts and sayings on our car ride to school today. Whew, what a ride!

This is all Lucy:

(in a worried voice as we drove out of our neighborhood) I hope we see my favorite color, green, today!

(a few seconds later) Oh, there's some green! In the trees!!

(in a quiet voice, to herself) My God is so...strong. He talked and things...came.

(as we crossed the Charles River) It's a good day to canoe!

(as we passed the Harvard playing fields) I wish there was a bigger guy football game. Mom, will you sign me up for football? Then I can be big and strong like my mom.

[Later in the ride I gave a friendly toot of the horn...yes, I promise it was friendly...this warn someone that I was in his blind spot.]

(when we picked up the brothers, this was the first thing she said to them when they opened the door) Guys, guess what?! Mom honked!!!


  1. I've always had you pegged as the football playing type, a big strong linebacker. :)

    These are such great stories. I can't believe you remembered all those sweet quotes.

  2. hahahahahaha I LOVE Lucy posts!!! Kids are so stinkin' funny - I wish I had the memory you've got to record all their funny sayings. :)


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