Blessings #66 - 77

holy experience

the feel of September in the cool nights and dry days

a peaceful time getting to church with the family for the third week in a row...THANKFUL

warm boys' bodies snuggling up to me all during church

singing in church

hearing my children humming the songs from church later in the day

friends at church who love our children even when they find out they're not always cute

the Lord's leading me to help in Sunday School this year mainly so that I can be with son #3

the fun of hanging around with two goofy 11-year-old boys

throwing the football with those same boys and laughing

reading a book concurrently with son #1 and both loving it!

my long-time favorite devotional by Amy Carmichael, Edges of His Ways. I highly recommend any of her writings, but this little book has been a special friend to me

the awesome, beautiful, encouraging note from a friend who said that my list of blessings blessed her!

sunset in Ogunquit, Maine in July


  1. Kit,
    I LOVE your Blog (and the pics of your cutie pies!) i wish that life would afford the opportunity of getting to officially catch up in person one day!
    Yes, your "thankfuls" definitely have encouraged ME! I started a running list, too, that i am already able to notice affecting my attitude. maybe that is why HE admonishes us to "practice" this??? Well, this, and it encouraged me at a very pivotal time in our lives, currently. THANK YOU!

  2. Tabitha,
    Thank you so much for your comment, and your recommendation earlier of the Fly Lady. It was so funny that you mentioned it, because I had just heard of her somewhere on the web the day before! Love what she has to say.
    I'm thankful for how the Father works among us to encourage each other. From your blog, I'm amazed with all that you have going on...animals, kids, house, school...whew!!! Such an encouragement to see how the Lord is faithful.
    love to all of you!


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