1000 Gifts continued

Oh, do I need to post this today!

Too tired for any pretty graphics or buttons or even pictures.

But I want you to know, I need you to know that this gratitude business REALLY changes me! It really changes my heart!

AND...it changes those around me.

We're learning from Jonah in church this fall. So in Community Group tonight (where we discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday), we talked about how life's storms can present an opportunity for repentance.

A friend asked, "But HOW can the storms help us to repent?"

My answer is that when we give thanks in the storms, we are convicted of our ingratitude. When we remember the thanks, then we are also reminded of all the times that we neglected to give thanks.

And then we must run and hide ourselves in Jesus, cry mercy and rejoice in our adoption!

I'm not in a storm right now. But today felt heavy, low, draggy. And I thought this morning, "Today, more than ever, I need to write my Gratitude List."

Today write down ten things that God uses to let you know that He loves you, that He delights in you, that He is a Good Gift-Giver. I promise you, it will change you!


three sunny days in a row, unbelievably sunny, bright and perfect. Gifts, I tell you!

how when I feel a bit under the weather, I remember how great it is to NOT feel under the weather

getting back to the gym this week. Hello? Body?

excitement in teaching and learning

our dear community group starting up again

a beautiful new person at community group! I hope we loved her well enough so that she comes back!

getting in a better Bible reading routine with the family

Son #3's eyes that light up with new knowledge

Son #3 getting the giggles in church and both of us almost losing it completely!

AWESOME songs in church yesterday

being able to fight with husband and easily make up after. We're getting better at fighting (now that sounds funny).

neighbor's adoption of 3 school-aged lovelies from Congo, brand new to our school, neighborhood and lives. What a privilege to love them.

water...as much as I want to drink. And it's clean.

Gospel of John...so tender. He loves us so.

Husband who loves me

Son #1 learning to help in church service. Proud to see him grow.


Do you see how this could go on and on and on and on and on? Let it be so!


  1. beautiful gratitude
    giving thanks with you ~ Maria

  2. Dude, the giggles in church are the best and the worst, aren't they?! It happens to me sometimes during communion for one reason or another ...

    I wish that worship service had been twice as long yesterday; the songs were wonderful!

    I'm not keeping a list, but every time I read your posts I think about things I'm thankful for. thanks for posting these! Hey, you're going to be with us this morning, aren't you?! YAY!!

  3. Hi Kit!
    It's so amazing to me how the condition of our hearts affects how we receive everything around us. The last time I checked your blog I was not ready to be thankful or rejoice in your gratitude, but today I am. And I am thankful for that!

  4. Hey, Katherine! I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling more grateful. I hope you and Kevin and your two beautiful babies are doing well. Love to all.

  5. Love your blog. Thanks for visiting my little space. Love your list but you lost me on the vacuuming, I guess I'm grateful that my hubby takes care of that :)

    Blessings to you today.

  6. It's been lovely to read your list and learn a bit about you and your family. May your week be filled with more of God's goodness and may your heart be filled with His peace!


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