What is it about clutter?

I've been thinking about stuff, as in physical stuff, our possessions.

We are having a yard sale in a few weeks, so I've been cleaning out, setting things aside. It will feel good to actually get rid of things, but I have this sinking feeling that even if we sell off lots, we will still have mountains of STUFF!

As I look around our house, I see so many tiny, random objects, things that either John and I or the children have collected. I have such a strong urge to get rid of most of it! I think, "What if we were to move? What a huge headache that would be!" We have so much in our basement, and more in the attic.

I feel this desire to be able to just pack up and go. Why? We're not going anywhere. We have no plans to move. We live here; it's not a museum (HAHAHAHA!!!). Why is this bothering me so much? I plan to clean out the hall closet today, but these thoughts have me feeling, "What is the point?!"

What a complicated relationship with "stuff". I'm in the middle of reading The Thing Itself by Richard Todd. It's about authenticity (loaded word, I know, and the author acknowledges that). The book is quite thought provoking and I highly recommend it.

Any words of wisdom, reader?


  1. I've been working on de-cluttering lately too. The big question I keep asking myself with things are - do we need it? or if we don't, does it have sentimental value or a home? Additionally I bought boxes and tupperware containers to help organize the "stuff" that got to stay. It's definitely been more streamlined, but I think the whole clutter vs. declutter is hard to do. I'll have to check out that book!!

  2. I hear you - sometimes I just get so sick of my self, all my stuff, how much maintenance my life requires. I too feel the strong urge to just hit the road with nothing but a backpack.

    But then I remember who is relying on me, and that I have sacrificed this independence for my children, for my community, for a fuller life with rich opportunities. Those rich opportunities come at a price!

    Not that we shouldn't work to get rid of all the stuff bogging us down that we don't need, but have hope that getting rid of all your ties (and stuff) doesn't always lead to a fuller life - ever seen Into the Wild?

  3. Kit, have you discovered "FLy Lady". google her. she's great! well, at least for pack-rats like me.
    love you!


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