A summer morning's gifts

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More gifts for a Monday morning...

This was my view on the kitchen table early one morning before anyone was awake. So many things for which to give thanks.

The photo looks like a jumble, I know. But there are so many things here that remind me of God's sweetness, just here on my kitchen table! I'll show you a few.

Reading God's Word early in the morning, in the quiet.
Greek yogurt, thick and creamy, with vanilla and agave syrup.

An encouraging thank-you card from John's grandparents, the children's great-grandparents. So thankful for their godly legacy and that our children have had a chance to know and love them in this life.

A good old-fashioned phone with a cord. Makes me stay in one place and multi-task less.

Another Nerf dart, this one lodged between the window panes. A reminder that some wonderful BOYS live here. And play here.
View into our neighbor's yard. We're thankful for them, their friendship to us and our children, and the chance to love them with Christ's love.

A little ladybug music box. Our children and their friends enjoy this little gem. A reminder of simple joys.

Our wooden rooster, carved in Zimbabwe and a gift from Zimbabwean friends. We pray for them and are reminded of believers all over the world who live in oppression and injustice. Grateful for the privilege of standing with them.

Theo's Native American doll he made...with a ninja head. I'm thankful for his creativity, his zest for life, his sensitive heart.
The white pot was from an auction dinner at the children's school. I'm thankful for the gift that this school has been to our children in the past two years.

Girly things, like sparkly nail polish. So blessed to have girls AND boys in our family. The differences are so fun.
My rock collection from Vashon Island, still on the table. Reminder of time with my oldest boy, and time with precious family.

A heart box made by Clay. He's always been my "maker"; he loves to create with whatever materials we have on hand. I'm thankful for his giving spirit, his love for others and his quirky artistic sensibilities.

Would you like to join the Gratitude Community? I heartily recommend a visit over to Ann at Holy Experience. You will be blessed to hear what she has to say.


  1. okay, just wandering through these posts, and you just brought tears to my eyes. I hope to have time later to read more of your blog, but thank you for such beautiful seeing and thanking and loving.

  2. too sweet. I will add one more thing to be thankful for and that is a mom's heart who can see beyond the "mess" to the treasures beneath. Your family is blessed. Enjoy the week!

  3. Beautiful blessings!

  4. Beautiful! How wonderful to find such joy in what other people would see as merely a jumble. Thanks for the encouragement to find beauty in the everyday nitty-gritty of life.


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