Extreme Makeover, Lucy's Room Edition

Okay, it's not really an EXTREME makeover. And I have no "before" pictures. But I wanted to post some pictures of Lucy's new room with her big girl bed. She calls it a princess bed.

Lucy has one those little attic-type rooms with the severely sloped ceilings, a good amount of floor space, but precious little wall space. Her room has a beautiful window, but doesn't get much ventilation. Unfortunately for her, her room is the hottest room in the summer and the coldest room in the winter.

Most of the elements are things we already possessed. I'm so pleased with how they all came together. The bed is really the only thing that is new to us.

Here's the view of her room from the doorway. The big white triangle in the upper left is the slope of the ceiling. We REALLY have to watch our heads in here!
A few notes:
* the LUCY letters above her bed are from Land of Nod, received with a gift card shortly after Lucy was born.
* little yellow bookshelf cheap from a yard sale
* awesome painted lamp is an antique that once belonged to my maternal grandmother, and that my mom remembers from her house growing up
* the wool throw rugs on the sides of the bed are also from my maternal grandmother. I love them! You can only see the green one in this picture. The one on the other side of the bed is dusty rose.
Don't you love the quilt on her bed? Want to know where you can get one? Oh, my aunt made it just for Lucy! Isn't it gorgeous? The boys all have one, each quite different, from Aunt Maura.
* sweet yellow bed was $10 off craigslist! It's from Ethan Allen and was the girlhood bed of the its previous owner. It's just what I wanted.
* old school desk was free from the side of the road several years ago. I've always loved it.

That's Lucy little cardboard playhouse. It doesn't fit quite as well with the new arrangement, but I think it can still work.

Here is the reading nook on one side of the bed. Hidden from view under the bed is a long basket of books, in addition to the books on the shelf.
* blue comfy chair from IKEA
* old wooden crate from my post-college days and filled with dress up clothes.

Here's the view from the bed toward the door.
* white wool rug from IKEA
* glider is the one we bought before Walter was born. It's rocked many a baby
* needlepoint pillow on glider was on my Grandma's sofa in Tucson. I remember it there so well, and feel glad to have it where we can enjoy it every day
* blue dresser from IKEA. Not my favorite and the drawers are not holding up very well. But it is fine for now.
* the Benjamin Bunny print was given to me by my mom. I think we had it when we were little. I love it.
* the doll on the dresser was brought to us recently by my mother-in-law.
* the little pink sweater hanging from the sconce belonged to John's late sister, Stacy. Lucy wears it, but I think it looks adorable on the fancy wire hanger, too!

Here's a closer shot of the doll and Beatrix Potter print and pillow:

This is the closet/attic space just to the left when you enter the room.
* the framed cross-stitch on the wall was done by my paternal grandmother for Walter when he was a baby. The stitching became too difficult for her to do before she could finish it, so her friends stepped in to complete it. It is a treasure. I love how the blue frame matches the dresser.

This picture is a bit fuzzy, but shows the main closet on the other side of the room. You can see the door of the playhouse and the glider to get perspective.
* the cat painting is an original done by my mother-in-law many years ago

Lucy will need some more substantial bedding for the winter, so I will be thinking about what kind of duvet/duvet cover to get her.
I think the thing I like best about the room is how many things that I love have come together in the space, and that many of those things come from family and mean something to us. I also appreciate the mixture of old and new.

Happy Friday!


  1. Such a precious room! Oh the memories she'll create there. I had an attic room as a teen. It was so nice and private....and hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. :)

    Love all of the family touches and that yellow bed! Kit, you will have to help me decorate when we get a bigger space. Which means you and your family will come to Pgh to visit us!

  2. It's beautiful! Nice work!


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