A cool rainy morning

It's a cool rainy morning, perfect for reading and puttering. Here's the run-down:

Didn't get up until 8 am! Mmmmm, sleepy time. Just John and I were awake for a while, and it was so nice to be able to chat without interruption.

Lucy was up first and we made a breakfast of left-over banana muffins from yesterday, bagels and sliced peaches and strawberries.

The boys slowly trickled in and we listened to Kenny Curtis on XM radio, Kids' Place Live. LOVE that radio show.

Prepared peaches for some ice cream making later!

Called all children to the table and we did our Bible reading for the day - a chapter from Proverbs and a section of the New Testament. I am really trying to be MUCH more intentional and regular about this. We NEED it. We need God's Word to help us, to discipline us, to instruct us. The more we do it, the easier it becomes. I really like doing it at breakfast.

Children scatter after clearing the table. Theo has created his own reading nook in the kitchen next to the refrigerator.

Clayton is listening to a book on CD in the family room, under a pile of pillows, completely hidden from sight.

Walter, wearing his robe, is sitting cross-legged on the red sofa, also reading. We went to the library YESTERDAY and he is on his third book!

Funny story about Walter and reading: The other day, Walter and his best friend, B., were here and John finally shooed them out of the house, as they had been reading together all afternoon. "Go out and DO something!" John told them.
As they left the room, I heard B. say, "Let's take some books outside!" They are truly two peas in a pod.

Lucy, as usual, is flitting around, making up stories and playing make-believe.

I'm sure by the time I post this the serenity will have been shattered...but for now it's so satisfying!


  1. I love the picture painted by this post. It makes me look forward to when all of our children, however many we have, can read! :)

    And I'm thankful for you that you and John got some time together this morning. Those moments are to be cherished. I'm glad you two still like each other and share your life with your CTK family!

    Oh, and can I tell you how ridiculously excited I am that you'll be with us on Tuesdays this fall????!!!!!


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