Seattle 6

Vashon Island. Aunt Cati and Uncle Paul live there and Walter and I, Clayton and Robin, nephew T., and Robin's friend, Julie, went to Vashon for a family gathering. Mom and Dad stayed behind to help Fletch and Jen pack up the house for moving.

It was cloudy most of the afternoon. The sun did peak out in the last hour, just as we dashed off so as not to miss our ferry! Ah, island life!

For Walter, this was his first time to meet much of the family. He commented to me, " I didn't know we had SO MUCH family in Seattle!" The cousins who are close to his age kept asking their parents, "When is our eleven-year-old cousin going to get here?" And Christopher's little four-year-old Ella seemed smitten with him after their first meeting and asked her dad, "Is that guy Water going to be there? Can I play with Water?" Chris was confused at first and Ella protested, "You know!! That guy, WATER!!" He finally figured it out.

I made a great collection of rocks from Vashon. I decided that the theme of my collection would be rocks with circles. The first picture is from the rocky beach on Vashon. The second picture is the collection as it sits on our kitchen table, a reminder of our trip and of God's awesome creation.


  1. You're so artistic. Nice centerpiece.

    And there's no way to comment on your blog title picture, but I LOVE it!

  2. Heather! I know I can count on you for some comment're the best. I know, we just took that header picture last weekend. I love it, too!


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