Seattle 5

Disclaimer: My camera stinks. My pictures stink. I know. But hopefully you get the gist.

Graduation Day! Here we are with Jen, T. and Q. walking to the ceremony of the campus of U.Dub. (that's the cool way to say it...University of Washington). Walter looked so spiffy in the tie, slacks and dress shirt. T. wore the cutest little clip-on tie and both boys brought books along. Good thinking.

Here is the famous Husky statue, which was our meeting spot on that cool and cloudy morning. My dad and Uncle Steve are in the background. And Husky Stadium. Walter was very interested in that.

Here's where the ceremony for the medical school was held. They had a lovely string quartet playing. I don't have any pictures of the actual proceedings because, as I mentioned before, my camera stinks.

My Uncle Ted, who was on the platform as part of the faculty, and Fletch. I know it's a terrible picture, but it captures a bit of the moment.

Afterward, my parents had arranged for a lovely luncheon for the whole extended family (Fletch's side, as well as Jen's dad and step-mom) at a very cute cafe near downtown, Boat Street Cafe. Walter and T. sat by themselves. They needed a break from the hubbub.

Here are all the first cousins who were in attendance (minus my cousin, Christopher, who had to leave early). As we gathered for the picture, someone said, "Is this all of us?" Someone responded, "This can't be all of us...I thought there were twelve of us!" There are indeed twelve of us first cousins, but only seven of us were in Seattle. And six of us in the picture

And here are the second cousins that were in attendance. We were just missing little Q., who is too shy to join in. There are 18 of these guys in the family, but of course, lots weren't able to come.
And here is my immediate family (we're missing John! And Clayton and Theo and Lucy!). And the next one is the whole group, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, children, cousins and more cousins.


  1. Those are wonderful family pictures! You'll treasure those as the years go by and the kids grow up, and it's less and less easy to gather everyone together.

    (John, I think this post should be giving you a gift idea for your wife. It starts with a C and ends with AMERA.) ;)


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