Broccoli, celery...

For all you moms out there, I'm sure you've heard the advice about feeding toddlers. Namely, that it may take up to 10 presentations of an offensive food before the toddler will try it.

Breaking news: We proved this in our home just last night! I am not kidding.

Lucy is a picky eater. As in, I'm not quite sure how she survives. I think she eats air.
Case in point: At the family reunion in Texas earlier this month, she had a bread sandwich for lunch. Two slices of white bread with NOTHING in the middle. Mmmm, nutrients!

We know she likes carbs and she does eat salad (with balsamic vinaigrette). But unless noodles are on the menu, she is not often pleased with our meals. Sometimes we can get away with calling any kind of protein "chicken" and she might eat it. I always put some of everything on her plate, just so she gets the idea that we expect her to eat what is served. This ain't no restaurant!

Last night we served broccoli, which is enjoyed and/or tolerated most of the family. Lucy, however, won't touch the stuff...until last night!

She very carefully watched Clay eat his broccoli and comment to me that he liked it. Then, to my surprise, she picked up the minuscule broccoli shoot from her plate, took a bite, and remarked, "This is really good."

I feigned nonchalance and agreed with her, and meanwhile stealthily motioned to John that "Lucy is EATING HER BROCCOLI!!!"

We watched as she picked up a huge broccoli stalk from the plate and tore into it (we'll work on the manners another day) and proceeded to eat many bites of broccoli.

I guess those child experts might actually know a thing or two. If you have a picky toddler, be encouraged and keep on giving him or her those yucky foods!


  1. That's a really encouraging story! I recently had a simliar episode with Frankie and eggs. I too, had to feign the nonchalance while gesturing wildly to Chris. I think it took many more than 10 introductions though!

  2. Kids are so funny.

    I'm thankful that (for the most part) we've avoided making "issues" out of food. Failed occasionally. But for the most part the boys will try anything now that they are older and actually LIKE foods that are healthy for them!


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