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I'm joining the Gratitude Community. I want my whole life to be worship and intentionally giving thanks is part of that.

Ann, at Holy Experience, has given us the chance to share our gratitude with the assembly. You might consider joining, as you think through all the ways God shows that He loves us!

I hope to continue my list every Monday, Lord willing!

holy experience

an air conditioner on a sticky night, making our room a haven of cool

getting up early to take the train to VBS tomorrow!

101 Simple Meals by Mark Bitman at the New York Times. This article was printed two summers ago, and it helps get me through.

a skinny brown six-year-old boy coming downstairs in his tighty whiteys!

Lucy's songs, sung all day to all kinds of tunes about all kinds of subjects. She told our friend, "I sing all the time because I have a lot of songs."

hugging the necks of old friends at church yesterday, praying for them as they prepare to move to Ukraine

the soft heart of a dear friend who has suffered so much loss in the last years. As she faces yet more heartache, it is an honor to pray for her.

lots of new faces at VBS today! It is a joy to love the children


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