28 July 2009

One more gift...

One more thing I'm thankful for...

lego darts being shot onto my computer screen while I type. Boys.

26 July 2009

1000 Gifts

I'm joining the Gratitude Community. I want my whole life to be worship and intentionally giving thanks is part of that.

Ann, at Holy Experience, has given us the chance to share our gratitude with the assembly. You might consider joining, as you think through all the ways God shows that He loves us!

I hope to continue my list every Monday, Lord willing!

holy experience

an air conditioner on a sticky night, making our room a haven of cool

getting up early to take the train to VBS tomorrow!

101 Simple Meals by Mark Bitman at the New York Times. This article was printed two summers ago, and it helps get me through.

a skinny brown six-year-old boy coming downstairs in his tighty whiteys!

Lucy's songs, sung all day to all kinds of tunes about all kinds of subjects. She told our friend, "I sing all the time because I have a lot of songs."

hugging the necks of old friends at church yesterday, praying for them as they prepare to move to Ukraine

the soft heart of a dear friend who has suffered so much loss in the last years. As she faces yet more heartache, it is an honor to pray for her.

lots of new faces at VBS today! It is a joy to love the children

Broccoli, celery...

For all you moms out there, I'm sure you've heard the advice about feeding toddlers. Namely, that it may take up to 10 presentations of an offensive food before the toddler will try it.

Breaking news: We proved this in our home just last night! I am not kidding.

Lucy is a picky eater. As in, I'm not quite sure how she survives. I think she eats air.
Case in point: At the family reunion in Texas earlier this month, she had a bread sandwich for lunch. Two slices of white bread with NOTHING in the middle. Mmmm, nutrients!

We know she likes carbs and she does eat salad (with balsamic vinaigrette). But unless noodles are on the menu, she is not often pleased with our meals. Sometimes we can get away with calling any kind of protein "chicken" and she might eat it. I always put some of everything on her plate, just so she gets the idea that we expect her to eat what is served. This ain't no restaurant!

Last night we served broccoli, which is enjoyed and/or tolerated most of the family. Lucy, however, won't touch the stuff...until last night!

She very carefully watched Clay eat his broccoli and comment to me that he liked it. Then, to my surprise, she picked up the minuscule broccoli shoot from her plate, took a bite, and remarked, "This is really good."

I feigned nonchalance and agreed with her, and meanwhile stealthily motioned to John that "Lucy is EATING HER BROCCOLI!!!"

We watched as she picked up a huge broccoli stalk from the plate and tore into it (we'll work on the manners another day) and proceeded to eat many bites of broccoli.

I guess those child experts might actually know a thing or two. If you have a picky toddler, be encouraged and keep on giving him or her those yucky foods!

24 July 2009

Death is not Dying

I've wanted to link to this for a while. Please go listen to this talk by Rachel Barkey, a young woman who died of cancer in the last few weeks. This talk was given in the spring. It's long, almost an hour. It is so worth it.

Listen to what Rachel has to say here.

Seattle 6

Vashon Island. Aunt Cati and Uncle Paul live there and Walter and I, Clayton and Robin, nephew T., and Robin's friend, Julie, went to Vashon for a family gathering. Mom and Dad stayed behind to help Fletch and Jen pack up the house for moving.

It was cloudy most of the afternoon. The sun did peak out in the last hour, just as we dashed off so as not to miss our ferry! Ah, island life!

For Walter, this was his first time to meet much of the family. He commented to me, " I didn't know we had SO MUCH family in Seattle!" The cousins who are close to his age kept asking their parents, "When is our eleven-year-old cousin going to get here?" And Christopher's little four-year-old Ella seemed smitten with him after their first meeting and asked her dad, "Is that guy Water going to be there? Can I play with Water?" Chris was confused at first and Ella protested, "You know!! That guy, WATER!!" He finally figured it out.

I made a great collection of rocks from Vashon. I decided that the theme of my collection would be rocks with circles. The first picture is from the rocky beach on Vashon. The second picture is the collection as it sits on our kitchen table, a reminder of our trip and of God's awesome creation.

Seattle 5

Disclaimer: My camera stinks. My pictures stink. I know. But hopefully you get the gist.

Graduation Day! Here we are with Jen, T. and Q. walking to the ceremony of the campus of U.Dub. (that's the cool way to say it...University of Washington). Walter looked so spiffy in the tie, slacks and dress shirt. T. wore the cutest little clip-on tie and both boys brought books along. Good thinking.

Here is the famous Husky statue, which was our meeting spot on that cool and cloudy morning. My dad and Uncle Steve are in the background. And Husky Stadium. Walter was very interested in that.

Here's where the ceremony for the medical school was held. They had a lovely string quartet playing. I don't have any pictures of the actual proceedings because, as I mentioned before, my camera stinks.

My Uncle Ted, who was on the platform as part of the faculty, and Fletch. I know it's a terrible picture, but it captures a bit of the moment.

Afterward, my parents had arranged for a lovely luncheon for the whole extended family (Fletch's side, as well as Jen's dad and step-mom) at a very cute cafe near downtown, Boat Street Cafe. Walter and T. sat by themselves. They needed a break from the hubbub.

Here are all the first cousins who were in attendance (minus my cousin, Christopher, who had to leave early). As we gathered for the picture, someone said, "Is this all of us?" Someone responded, "This can't be all of us...I thought there were twelve of us!" There are indeed twelve of us first cousins, but only seven of us were in Seattle. And six of us in the picture

And here are the second cousins that were in attendance. We were just missing little Q., who is too shy to join in. There are 18 of these guys in the family, but of course, lots weren't able to come.
And here is my immediate family (we're missing John! And Clayton and Theo and Lucy!). And the next one is the whole group, aunts, uncles, cousins, spouses, children, cousins and more cousins.

Seattle 4

I'm know I've been away for longer than a month (ahhhhh!), but I'm just going to pick up where I left off. There are lots of things to post about, but I really want to finish up about Seattle (I KNOW, that was in early June!). And then on to lots of great links, and our trips to New Mexico, Texas and Maine.

Here are some pictures of the Seattle Public Library. This is a must-see if you are ever in Seattle. The building is amazing. What a fantastic resource for the city.

First, we stopped in the children's room so that Walter could try to get some homework done. It was like pulling teeth. Not motivated AT ALL! But we checked out some books (borrowed a library card) and discovered they have a cool self-check out system. Loved it.

Here is the outside of the building. It's built on a steep hill, so it looks really funky from the outside.

Here is Walter outside the building. Fun climbing structure.

This is from one of the highest points in the building, looking out. The inside of the library is very open, with lots of interesting vantage points, both to the interior as well as to the exterior.

A few other shots in the Red Hall (SO cool!), a weird holographic image that you see as you go down the escalator, and the call numbers inlaid in the floor for easy reference.
Want to know more about the Seattle Public Library? Click here or here.