Seattle 3

Our second full day in Seattle, Walter and I had the whole day to ourselves. We decided to see some of Seattle's great attractions.

We took the bus into the city and started our adventure at Pike Place Market. I'm sure you've seen this place on TV before, the place where the burly fishmongers toss fish among all the tourists.

There are so many delicious sights here. My favorite were the produce stands. Walter and I bought a pint of raspberries and just ate it on the spot. Talk about decadence...

And the flower stands! Amazing, lush, brown-paper wrapped bundles for as little as $5. If Fletch and Jen hadn't been moving, I'd have brought them a huge bunch!
After consulting the map and the ferry schedule, we decided we would hustle down to the dock and ride the ferry to Bainbridge Island. Bainbridge is just about a 20 minute ride from Seattle, and is where Fletch and Jen were married on a gorgeous summer day in 2002.

On the ride back, we wrote on the postcards Walter had selected for his siblings and for Papa. Walter had his very own Dr. Pepper. The boy knows how to chose a soda.
From the ferry landing, we walked up some VERY steep hills to the Seattle Public Library. I had visited this spot with John a few years ago, and I really wanted Walter to see it. It is an architecturally famous building and a wonderful place to spend some time. This is especially true if you love libraries, as I do.

First we stopped in the children's room so that Walter could do a little bit of the homework he was missing at school. Not so fun. But even the chairs and carrels in the children's room are fun to experience.

We stopped in the gift shop on our way up the different floors. Some of our finds (I need that apron):

Up next...more picture of a library than you can imagine possible.


  1. For some reason these pictures made me teary-eyed. What precious memories for you and Walter. Miss you!!!


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