Seattle 2

After Walter and I met up with Andrew and Kathy, we went back to my brother and sister-in-law's house to wait for my nephew, T., to come home from pre-school.

We decided that Walter, T. and I would go visit the Space Needle (don't ever call it the Space Tower)while my sis-in-law, Jennifer, stayed home with their ADORABLE, TINY daughter, Q.

We rode the bus downtown, and Walter and T. wanted to sit in the twisty part in the middle. Those of you who don't live in a city probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Suffice it to say, there is NO VIEW from the twisty part in the middle. And your legs are all squished up so that people can get past you to the back of the bus. However, I let them choose. Here they are.

Note to Boston peeps: Yes, it was quite painful walking around Seattle with one child wearing a Yankees cap (of all things!!!) and the other wearing an Orioles cap. I mean, where is the hometown pride? In his defense, the Orioles are Walter's Little League team. But I am really going to have some words with my brother about this Yankees business...

Here is T. waiting for the next bus. The Seattle bus system is a little rough. We definitely encountered some characters on a few of our rides. In fact, on our way back from the Space Needle, the other riders near us were so sketchy that we got off at the next stop to wait for the next bus. Eesh.

T. was completely enamored of Walter: followed him everywhere asked him questions, held his hand. It was quite adorable to watch these two get to know each other in a real way.

Here are some views from the top, first looking down on the Experience Music Project, then toward Lake Washington and then out toward Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Seattle is gorgeous, surrounded by water and mountains. And this day was especially beautiful and WARM.

Sorry about that smudge on the right side of the photo. I had something on the lens and didn't realize until I got home!! Enjoy that smudge on ALL the pictures. My treat.

After spending a few minutes at the top, we came down and Walt and I ate snow cones. T. had bubble gum ice cream and it was ALL over him. What a cutie.

Then we made our way to the University of Washington campus (called U. Dub, if you want to be cool)to meet up with Fletch (my bro) and Jen, as well as little Q. The campus is very lovely, and I really enjoyed seeing where Fletch has been studying these last FOUR years. Truly, I am so very proud of him and all he has accomplished. Here he is with little Q. More on her cuteness and his awesomeness later.

Here are a few more of T. and Walter as we spent some time on campus. It was a great day, and especially great to see Fletch and Jen, their home, their lives, their precious children. I'm so grateful we could be there!


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