Seattle 1

Oh hi!
I last posted, let's see, A MONTH ago!!
Lots to catch up on.

Walter and I took a trip to Seattle at the beginning of the month. We spent a week visiting family and seeing my brother (my littlest brother) graduate from MEDICAL SCHOOL! As Walter observed a few days into our trip, "I didn't know we had SO MUCH family out here..."

I won't make you look through ALL our pictures (hee hee) but I wanted to post a few here.

We had a great trip and it was so nice to have time with just one child. John and I have decided that we're going to make it a tradition that each child will experience a trip with one parent when he/she is ten years old. Not only did it feel like a vacation for both Walter and me (only one child, and the most self-sufficient one at that!), but it is so much easier financially to do the tourist thing when there are only TWO of you and not SIX.

Day 1: In the morning, I got together with my good, good friends from high school, Andrew and Kathy. It was SO awesome to see them. Andrew has lived in Seattle for a long time, and Kathy lives near Phoenix, but is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines (based in Seattle). She happened to have a flight that day, so she just popped up a little early to catch us for coffee.

Each of them are just exactly the same as I remember. Kathy is so warm and funny. Sadly, Andrew was under the weather and wasn't his usual self. He LOOKS exactly the same...he's still really tall. Andrew and I went to our senior prom together in his monster truck. It was awesome. It was the '80s. Say no more.

Needless to say, Walter was pretty tired (that three hour time change is killer) and BORED. Who wants to sit around listening to his mom reminisce with her high school friends?


  1. hahaha - I was wondering what Walter did while you visited with friends - Jake usually has that look on his face, too!

    So fun that Walt had you to himself - I love the new tradition!


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