Something happened in Boston last Friday. Friday was our first real SPRING day...highs near 70 and sunny.

In the city, it was as if everybody EMERGED. Emerged from our long winter's nap, emerged from our down parkas and fleece-lined boots. Emerged from hiding under hoods and staying indoors as much as possible.

Nature is EMERGING as well. The daffodils are out in full force. The forsythia exploded over the weekend. The blooming trees are popping. Walter says they look like oversize cotton balls. Oversize white and PINK cotton balls.

The Boston Common was just crawling with people, whereas previously it was populated only with those needing to get across it.

To amuse myself while waiting in the car (right next to the Public Garden), I took some pictures in the rear view mirror.

Look! Real grass! And flowers! It's happening, it really is!

A man and little girl holding balloon animals.

A woman in a VERY short skirt and her boyfriend. I told you we are EMERGING!! From our clothes...

A group of French-speaking young women.

A Red Sox fan and his girlfriend.

A young lady and a very cute little boy with a soccer ball.
A tour trolley.
The BU kids (Am I really old enough to call college students "kids"?!? Sadly, I am.) out on the grass along Storrow Drive.

A beautiful swath of forsythia on the drive home.


  1. Kit, you are a funny girl! I love that you took pictures in your side view mirror. Have you ever stalked anyone? :)

    Horray for SPRING!!!! So many sings all around!!!


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