Easter Food

Easter is the greatest feast day in the Christian year, and therefore warrants some great food...food that requires planning, effort and time. Food that makes you stay up WAY too late the night before the feast. Food that satisfies the senses.

In our house, John is a much more accomplished cook than I (in most things). He cooked this feast, while I worked on the desserts and sweets. Here are the lovelies we enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy for many days!).

Roast lamb, courtesy of John. We also had roasted beets, of which I am normally none too fond (they taste like dirt), but these were DELISH!

The colored eggs were consumed at dinner...I guess *some* people didn't like the lamb?!
Here are the cake pops that I tried to make. It was quite a project (TIME CONSUMING!!!!). I may try these again at some point. I got the idea from this amazing website. Please, don't compare my work to hers. It's like comparing Lucy's artwork to that of a French master.
Lastly, I made this Lemon Curd Layer Cake. Mmmm, very lemony. Thankfully, I snapped the picture before it all began to slide south. Needed to let that frosting chill for a few more hours...
And the aftermath...
I do love the satisfaction of all that cooking and preparing. Now please excuse me while I go collapse.


  1. I found out a few years ago that I love lemon curd. There's this awesome poundcake place in Texas that ships everywhere and they fill the center of their poundcake bundt pans with all kinds of yummy things. The lemon curd is a favorite!

    The cake pops are adorable!!



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