30 April 2009


Yesterday in the car:

Lucy: So, Mom, when are you going to die?

Very matter of fact, just wondering, you know, when are you going to kick it, Mom?

She is very interested in this idea. The other day she told me she "died an ant" by stepping on it. She was quite proud of herself.

20 April 2009


Something happened in Boston last Friday. Friday was our first real SPRING day...highs near 70 and sunny.

In the city, it was as if everybody EMERGED. Emerged from our long winter's nap, emerged from our down parkas and fleece-lined boots. Emerged from hiding under hoods and staying indoors as much as possible.

Nature is EMERGING as well. The daffodils are out in full force. The forsythia exploded over the weekend. The blooming trees are popping. Walter says they look like oversize cotton balls. Oversize white and PINK cotton balls.

The Boston Common was just crawling with people, whereas previously it was populated only with those needing to get across it.

To amuse myself while waiting in the car (right next to the Public Garden), I took some pictures in the rear view mirror.

Look! Real grass! And flowers! It's happening, it really is!

A man and little girl holding balloon animals.

A woman in a VERY short skirt and her boyfriend. I told you we are EMERGING!! From our clothes...

A group of French-speaking young women.

A Red Sox fan and his girlfriend.

A young lady and a very cute little boy with a soccer ball.
A tour trolley.
The BU kids (Am I really old enough to call college students "kids"?!? Sadly, I am.) out on the grass along Storrow Drive.

A beautiful swath of forsythia on the drive home.

15 April 2009

Do we shop too much?

UPDATE: Lucy just came in the kitchen with my phone and told me she is going on a date. I asked with whom. She said, "With someone I don't know."

Blind dates?! At 3?!

I told her she should go on a date with her papa. Then she told me her dad just died on the cross. I told her that her dad did NOT just die on the cross.

"No, Mom, I have ANOTHER dad!"

A new song from Lucy. Liz, you'll love this one:

"Ikea was a wee little man, a wee little man was he..."

Oh sheesh.

13 April 2009

Easter Food

Easter is the greatest feast day in the Christian year, and therefore warrants some great food...food that requires planning, effort and time. Food that makes you stay up WAY too late the night before the feast. Food that satisfies the senses.

In our house, John is a much more accomplished cook than I (in most things). He cooked this feast, while I worked on the desserts and sweets. Here are the lovelies we enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy for many days!).

Roast lamb, courtesy of John. We also had roasted beets, of which I am normally none too fond (they taste like dirt), but these were DELISH!

The colored eggs were consumed at dinner...I guess *some* people didn't like the lamb?!
Here are the cake pops that I tried to make. It was quite a project (TIME CONSUMING!!!!). I may try these again at some point. I got the idea from this amazing website. Please, don't compare my work to hers. It's like comparing Lucy's artwork to that of a French master.
Lastly, I made this Lemon Curd Layer Cake. Mmmm, very lemony. Thankfully, I snapped the picture before it all began to slide south. Needed to let that frosting chill for a few more hours...
And the aftermath...
I do love the satisfaction of all that cooking and preparing. Now please excuse me while I go collapse.

Resurrection Day

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection yesterday. Uncle Clayton and Robin came up from New York on Saturday and were with us until Sunday evening. The kids had tons of fun playing (playing on?) Uncle Clay, and Robin indulged Lucy with lots of ballet moves, books, and painting nails together.

I'm wiped from all the activity (not to mention that the Science Fair projects were due in today, Easter Monday!), so I don't have many words. Here are some pictures.

04 April 2009

Me likey

Today I'm linking to one of the best blogs out there for great ideas for things having to do with kids, family, design, and home.
Do you read Design Mom? I've gleaned lots and lots of inspiration from her site.
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