Cutest Six-Year-Old Ever

Theo, our six-year-old, is just tugging at my heartstrings these days. He is just so darn cute. He's about to lose his very first little tiny baby tooth, and he IS SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

For the past three nights since he discovered the loose tooth, he's been getting out of bed a few times to ask clarifying questions about the tooth fairy and what exactly will happen when this tooth comes out.

His older brothers will NOT play along with the tooth fairy idea, but I can tell that Theo wants to believe. When Theo asked if I was the tooth fairy, I said, "Theo, do I look like a fairy to you? Do I have wings? Can I fly around? Do I have a wand? Didn't think so." So now he knows that the tooth fairy comes and purchases baby teeth which she uses to build her castle. A castle made of tiny teeth!

Yesterday, when Theo asked how much the tooth fairy would leave him, I said I wasn't sure how much teeth were going for these days. He disappeared to ask one of the other brothers, and returned to report that he thinks he should get $250 so that he can buy an DS (video game system). Nice try.

This morning, his tooth is VERY wiggly and he can just hardly contain his glee. It might come out at school! Yesterday two of his classmates lost teeth AT SCHOOL. Today could be his day!


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